What is your favorite decade and why? 
M. I love and am very inspired by the 70s. I love the shapes, the colors, and the dramatics of everything. I also am in love with the 90s onward because I support my generation with great pride. 

How does playing your music make you feel? 
M. When I'm playing my music I feel like I am the most free and clear version of myself. Most of the lyrics I write I would never say out loud to another person, Music is my liquid courage and a huge motivator of my own self-acceptance. 

What are your thoughts about the house we shot in? 
M. I am in love with it! I took pictures with my phone and have been looking at them and showing them to everyone I know. The house was just dripping with stories. Another person never could've recreated that house, it was so perfectly and wonderfully "itself". It was alive, full of craziness, and love and sadness. 

What are your dreams and plans for the future (music and otherwise)? 
M. My dreams and goals basically include me playing music on a huge stage and writing really incredible and moving songs. I want to really make something of the life I've been given. I hope I can always keep music in my life, Even when I'm 80 (God willing), I hope I'm still writing songs and singing in the nursing home. Music makes me so crazy-happy I can't imagine living without it. Goal/Dream number 2 is to have a big family!